Why PyCare

What if you could hire just the right amount of web developer required to grow and maintain your web site?

Hi, I’m Casey. That is the premise behind PyCare, a full-service web development company specializing in python web maintenance for small businesses, non-profits, and local government agencies.

Python is Powerful

Companies large and small use python to power their web site, and for good reason.

Python is a popular programming language, known for its clean design, performance, and integration with data science and machine learning. Businesses large and small use python to power their web applications, favoring its focus on security and stability, while allowing for fast feature development.

Web Applications are Complex

While python is powerful, its features and the nature of fast-moving technologies means web applications require ongoing care and attention.

Whether you like it or not, your web site is changing. Security vulnerabilities must be patched. Uploading data changes performance over time. New features are required to keep up with your business processes.

At some point, you need help to ensure your web site is available to those that need it the most. 

Hiring Web Developers is Scary

You have three options available to grow and improve your web site.

Hiring a full-time developer is expensive, as the average web developer salary in the United States is over $80,000 before benefits. Interviewing technical talent is hard because it requires pre-existing talent to adequately judge experience and ability.

Large web development agencies are an option, but their focus is on building web applications from scratch for large organizations. Small feature development and maintenance is often a side project given less attention.

Finally, you can hire a freelancer through various web sites. But this can be a significant gamble, as their experience, availability, and technical approach can vary, potentially placing your web site in a worse state than before hiring them.

Our Focus is on Web Sites in Production

I recommend PyCare as a fourth option. Our sole focus is on improving existing python web sites. It is not a side project. It is all we do.

We cost far less than a full-time web developer. We bring the trust and experience of a large development agency. Our monthly budget is within reach of most small organizations. 

Our Focus is on Saving you Money

My solutions are focused on leveraging proven solutions that offer the most bang for the buck. 

What Next?

This page is meant to explain the ‘why’ behind creating PyCare. I invite you to contact us as a next step.